NFL & College
Football Helmets for Vehicles
Tailgate with Pride
Get Your Head In The Game
Attaches to your vehicle with
NON-Marking Magnets
Easy on - Easy off

Stays attached while driving
Get your NFL / College SmackHat Football Helmet
Now only $110.00 * Free Shipping*
*Money Back Guarantee - If, for any reason you are unhappy with your SmackHat
We will refund your money - you keep the Smackhat

The NCAA, all its affiliates, team logos, and names are registered trademarks
Of the NCAA and/or the universities represented.
Q. How big are the helmets
A. Standard youth size.

Q. Where can you place the helmets
A. Anywhere that has a surface meant for magnets

Q.  Can I drive with it on my car?
A.  Yes! It's has been tested up to 65mph with winds at 15mph

Q.  Will the magnets scratch my vehicle
A.  No. The magnets come with a special rubber surface making it impossible to scratch a vehicle

Q.   I don't see the team I want on smackhat.  Do you offer all NCAA teams
A.  No. The teams listed are the only ones we are able to sell. We do have all of the NFL teams.

Q.  How do you clean off bug guts and bird poop from the smackhat
A.  Use a soft microfiber cloth with a some dish soap

Q.  Can I put the smackhat on the hood of my car
A.  Maybe. Check with your local authorities
    Each state is different on what might impede your vision while driving

Q.  Can I wear my smackhat to play football?
A.  We wouldn't. you will probably get a concussion

Q.  Can I get more girls with a smackhat on my vehicle?
A.  Most definitely. It will draw more attention than you could ever get on your own

Q.  What do I need to do to show my team support and be different than everyone else?
A.  Buy a smackhat

Q. What if I don’t like it?
A. That has never ever ever happened. But if you don’t like it, we don’t want you to have it,
     So we will buy it back from you, and you keep the Smackhat.